Update 22 January
  • news #21
  • January 23, 2022, 12:29 am



Black dragon!

Dear friends! This Sunday at 19:00 by server time, the first Black Dragon on the server will be summoned!
Guild that kills the BD will receive a bounty of 50,000 imps or $500!

The entrance to the BD lair 1 is located on the Summer Island61ec4fc4dd0d0.pngUpon entrance to BD Lair 1, there is a statue that teleports you to one of 4 points:61ec4ffe906a4.png
Red Mark - Spawn Point
Green mark - Statues of Lair - transition to lairs 1 and 3
Black Mark - Black Dragon and View Radius


Other changes

1. New items in the Item Mall:
n1646.png Blacksmith Pliers (2nd slot)
n1646.png Blacksmith Pliers (3rd slot)
n1205.pngSuper Lucky Fruit
2. FC: Drop rate of a ref from Death Knight increased to 100%, broken gems were added to the mini bosses with a 2% drop rate.
3. Mounts give movement speed in PK zones. If your mount has 20% movement speed, then it gives +10 movement speed in PK zones, if your mount has 10% movement speed, then it gives +5 movement speed in PK zones.

Update 7 January
  • news #20
  • January 7, 2022, 9:46 pm

Dear friends! The following changes have been made during maintenance!

Crypto Week Promotion!

Top up your account with cryptocurrency and get a 15% bonus from the TOTAL offer!

Added new items to the Item Mall

Coral of the Mini-Sea Wolf - lv45 Voyagers. You can use all voyager skills with only one coral. Fill empty slots with 2nd ring and necklace and rock the FC! It has 12 000 energy and can be rechanrged with battery.

Unique mount voucher - Choose your personal monster model +20% Move Speed PvE! Contact Administrators of Tales of Pirates before purchasing. Price in IM = 7 000 IMPs.

Individual apparel voucher - Become the owner of the only one exemplar of the apparel on the server! Contact Administrators of Tales of Pirates before purchasing. Price in IM = 5 000 IMPs.
Dark Kylinkin apparel for Carsise. Price is 350 IMPs.

Other changes

1. Added an anti disconnect system. If you have a disconnect inside the maze, then you have 60 seconds to re-enter the game and the character will automatically return to the same place with all the effects saved!
2. Added auto track system! You can move not only by entering coordinates, but also by opening the map with alt + w combinatin and clicking ctrl + LMB on the desired area of the map, and then close the map - the character will start the path automatically!
3. Added lv45 and lv55 unseal bows for redemption from Black Market NPC, as well as lv55 and lv65 sealed bows are added to the chests dropped from DW bosses.
4. Fixed a bug with placement characters on New Year's mounts
5. Fixed a bug when in some cases antivirus reacted incorrectly to the game client.
6. Crystal of evil now can be opened unlimited amount of times on the same character with 30 mins interval between openings.
7. Fixed a critical error due to which on 01/06/2021 there were troubles with connection to the server.
8. Now, to increase the number of items received during analysis, you no longer need to learn the "Cooking" skill for a fairy.

Update 2 January
  • news #19
  • January 2, 2022, 10:38 pm

Bugs fixed:
1. Mount "Missile" now correctly grants a +20% movement speed bonus.
2. In the system message stating that one player survived in the Chaos Argent, no longer used the pronoun "he".
3. Fixed all system messages in the Snow Battle, including messages about opening and closing the map.
4. Lv4 Metal Norite has been moved from the safe area of DW to the pk area, thanks to which players can now chop both trees in DW.
5. The main chaos chest now interrupts the Stealth skill of crusaders.
6. Endless Sea Coral now correctly displays endless energy.
7. Coral of the Sea Wolf now has the correct description and energy display in the Item Mall.
8. Changes to premium status. Previously, the mob info tab displayed a 15% bonus drop rate with a premium, but in fact the bonus was only 5%, as it was written in the description. We are increasing the drop rate bonus. Now Premium gives both 10% drop & exp rates. Also premium status is increasing effectivity of Woodcutting, Mining, Analyze, Cooking and Manufacture (exept Repair Tool). 
9. Fixed a visual bug when "Lv0" was displayed on the fairy apparel icon.
10. The Daily Quest Icon now has the correct description and is sent to the correct NPC.
11. Fixed some of the bugs with effects that forced the client to close. Effects now work correctly.
12. Fixed a bug when character or ship could die with full HP without reason after receiving some effects.
13. Skating Potion now lasts for 30 minutes, as it should.
14. Fixed bugs in the chain of quest "Rebirth of the Phoenix" on the boring branch;

1. Icons for tickets to Argent, Shaitan and Icicle are now different from each other to make them easier to distinguish.
2. Added auto-run function. Now, when entering coordinates into the radar (the icon with an arrow on the mini-map), the character starts to automatically run to the specified point.
3. The "V" camera position has been added to the mini-map. You will no longer get lost by turning the camera.

Item Mall:
1. Christmas promotion with 25% discount will be over after maintenance. Use your last chance before server restart to buy discounted items!