Equipment for new players

Promo code equipment

We are glad to see you on the classic Tales of Pirates server!

New promo code for new players: /piece


This promo code is designed to help new players (especially non-mallers) get comfortable on the server: using temporary equipments, earn their first money and get their first real equipments. To activate promo code, just type and send command " /piece " into local chat with your character.

- After using code, you will get 3 chests with Lv45, Lv55 and Lv65 unseals (only armors and weapons) for you profession.
- You can open each chest upon reaching the corresponding level: 45, 55 and 65.
- All equipments are temporary and valid for 30 days. The countdown starts from the moment the corresponding chest is opened. You can save unopened chests as long as you need, they won't dissapear.
- Chests and equipments are untradeable. Equipments cannot be strengthened or forged with gems.
- You can use promo code once per one game account (only one character).

Equipment rental

Dear friends! There are more and more of you joining the game every day!
Many players simply do not have enough power of their equipment to start playing. The project is ready to provide personal (untradable) equipment for the time while you're building your own  - rental equipment is not better than the best players of the server have, but it's better than average.
Therefore, we added two new equipment rental token into the Item Mall:

When you use that token, you will be given equipment of your current class. The following items are not included: Fairy Possession, fairy skill books, rings, necklace and hat.




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